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Out of the blue something told me to call the Hope house to help find my brother find sober shelter. So I did and I just want to Praise God for answering our prayers and ask that you pray everything goes as God has planned and he finally gets the opportunity he’s needed and so desired for so long to become a self sufficient man that can stand proud of himself before God while praising him for this blessing!
Thank you and God bless you alll!

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Been living in hotels for over 2 years I'm disabled on ssi an can't afford a place for me an my kids I get 943 a month how can ANYONE live on that ALL MONTH I'm fight jfs for me food stamps back so I can make sure my kids eat daily idc if I eat or not I just want my kids to be able to eat n sleep safely in OUR OWN PLACE. . Thanks so much

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Please pray for my fiancé, our baby boy & myself; we’re trying to get him back from CPS & it’s been very difficult for us. My fiancé and I just got our 1st apartment as part of getting our baby back and we don’t have much furniture or household items but we’re trying and Gods continuing to bless us here and there. My fiancé has been working his butt off everyday and we’re both so stressed out currently and we really just miss our little baby, he’s only 1 month old, (CPS removed him from us when he was only 4 days old), and it’s just been so hard for us both right now. We just want him home with us. & the only reason he was removed from our care was due to my PAST history of drug use, which thank you God I’ve been 1 year and a half clean currently (my 2 year sobriety anniversary will be January 12th of next year), I’ve never been so proud of myself because it was so hard and it’s been very difficult for us, please pray that my fiancé and I don’t lose hope and that we don’t lose the deep emotional pure love we have for each other, pray we get our little baby back, pray he doesn’t ever forget us amen

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