We have some exciting news about our partnership with City Gospel Mission: Our logo is changing to mark the next step in the evolution of our relationship.

In 2014, we became a wholly-owned subsidiary of City Gospel Mission with the ultimate goal of fully merging one day. The new “In partnership” logo reflects the growing closeness of our relationship as we move together toward that goal. It also does so by incorporating the City Gospel Mission branding elements of colors and font.

The logo change is a big next step in a partnership that actually began in 2012, when both organizations realized they were a natural fit to work together because of geographic proximity and a shared history and mission of serving homeless and poor individuals.

Since 1924, City Gospel Mission has steadily grown through a series of mergers into one of the biggest ministries in Cincinnati, serving over 10,000 people each year. Their strength and experience has given us vital fundraising and marketing support.

We both share the mission to “break the cycle of poverty and despair … one life at a time” and both offer comprehensive care to homeless individuals through shelter, meals, case management, job training and more with God and faith as a foundation for life-change.

We will continue to have our own board of directors, executive directors, programs and staff. With City Gospel Mission’s fundraising, marketing and administrative support, we continually increase efficiencies to allow more funds to directly help more homeless men, women and children in the Middletown region.

With a more stable financial position, staff growth, program improvement and a new men’s facility that opened in February, we are indeed “stronger today.” City Gospel Mission has helped us as another one of God’s hands. But you and thousands of others who give so generously are God’s heart. You are our most important partner. Only you make “building for tomorrow” possible. Thanks for giving hope to homeless individuals by showing them Godly love, especially in these uncertain times and days ahead, when they will need it most.

If you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact Hope House Mission Executive Director of Operations Tim Williams at timwilliams@hhmission.org or 513-392-2008